Vs Willingale CC Sunday XI

The team to play Willingale CC Sunday XI this coming Sunday, the 27th September is as follows:

  1) Mi. Freeman
  2) A. Ebbs
  3) D. Patel
  4) As. Gopaul
  5) S. Murtaza
  6) G. Sparrey (Wkt)
  7) D. Malleson
  8) E. Teja
  9) T. Raza
10) R. Rajput
11) J. Downing (Capt)

If you can now not play in this game please let Jim and Mike know immediately.

To ensure your safety and to support both our club and our opponents please read and follow the current ECB guidelines, which can be found in the links below, when preparing to play this weekend:

Further information can be found on the ECB website but some of the main points that we and our opponents are following are:

1) Participants are to adhere to current government Covid-19 guidance and not turn up or play if they are suffering from any symptoms.

2) Participants are to adhere to current public health and social distancing restrictions and avoid high risk behaviour.

3) Participants should bring their own hand sanitizer where possible and maintain strict and frequent hand hygiene measures at all times.

4) Changing rooms will not be in use so participants should arrival fully changed and ready to play.

5) There will be 6 over breaks to sanitize the ball which the home team captain is responsible for.

6) All participants should sanitize their hands prior to the start of the activity and during any game breaks.

7) Equipment should not be shared unless between house hold members.

8) No items to be handed to the umpire and players must place them behind the boundary themselves.

9) Only the umpire can replace the bails.

10) No spitting and no sweat or saliva is to be applied to the ball at any time. Run penalties can be award to the opposition for not adhering to this rule.

11) No teas or group drinks breaks.  Players should bring their own food and drink and not share drinking vessels.

12) In the event of rain participants should return to their cars.

13) Please ensure that the match day captain has your contact telephone number in case of the need to track and trace anyone in the future.

Sunday's venue is:

Willingale CC Sunday XI, The Glebe Ground, The Street, Willingale, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0SJ

Meet time is 12:00 pm sharp for an overs game starting at 12:30 pm.

As there are no tea costs and no after match drinks available this weeks match fees will be £5.00/£2.50 (waged/unwaged).  Please pay your match fee to this weeks captain.  

In play and break time Twitter updates will be available as normal (@RosaneriCricket).

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