Rosaneri Cricket Club was established in the summer of 2006 when members of Rosaneri Football Club decided to pass the long summer months with a couple of games of cricket.

The experiment turned into an addiction, with everyone involved desperate for the next game. The squad originally comprised a combination total cricketing novices along with a number of more experienced but rusty cricketers who had last played cricket at school 15 years or so ago!

The Rosaneri football section had been massively competitive, hugely successful and accumulated six trophies in ten seasons. Amongst these trophies were 3 Middlesex Cups.

However, while the competetive edge remains, the ethos of the cricket section is more focussed on enjoying the company and the game rather than the medals.

Rosaneri literally translates from the Italian as Pink Blacks, with the football team playing in Pink and Black shirts. This strange choice of colours for a football team came about as a result of the Waltham Mercury Football League requiring two kits for any newly formed clubs to avoid clashes. After some negotiation the League panel accepted a pink and black kit would never clash and therefore allowed us to compete without the expense of two kits. Our Italian Manager at the time dubbed us The Rosaneri and the Enfield Rosaneri brand was established.

Following just 3 matches in the inaugural 2006 season Rosaneri Cricket Club rapidly expanded the fixture list for 2007 and now the club enjoys long (but not always hot!) summers packed with cricketing action stretching from April to October!

The squad of players has expanded over the last couple of years but the principles of enjoying the game and above all playing in the correct spirit remains the central focus of the club.