Vs Ivanhoe CC

Despite playing a dreaded timed game on Sunday, we managed to turn it into a very enjoyable days cricket with Taimoor Raza coming out as a clear winner for the Man of the Match award.

Taimoor had the complete all round performance; taking a one handed wonder catch, bowling a brilliant fats and skillful 9 overs spell and then he capped it all off by batted with an 'attacking' rear guard action that helped to ensure a well earned draw for the 'Pinks'.

Other notable mentions must go to Gareth who scored his maiden half century for the Club and ET who bowled a beautiful line and length all innings long and then batted very well to help see off 10 of the last 20 overs.

As per normal Taimoor wins top of the range shower products and Gareth and ET win a can of 'top of the range' deodorant.

As always - Play nice.......Smell nice.

By Jim Downing

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Play nice, smell nice
T was 'THE MAN'
A brilliant destructive first half century from Gareth