What could potentially happen this week?

Stats that could be achieved this week:


The team to take its 1,500th wicket – 5 wickets to go.

Stephen to reach 500 runs for the Club – 41 runs to go.

Jim to reach 3,000 runs for the Club – 47 more runs required.

Jim to reach 20 half centuries for the Club – 1 half century to go.

The 20th Club century to be scored – 1 score of 100+ to go.

Mr. Bell to record his 50th Club six – 4 sixes to go.

Mr. Bell to achieve 50 Golden Fielder points – 2 points to go.

The 700th Club catch to be taken – 6 catches to go.

Mat to take his 50th Club catch – 3 catches to go.

Mr. Bell to achieve 25 career stumping’s – 3 stumping’s to go.

By The Stats Man

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